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AGM Minutes Saturday 11 November 2017






Chairman Martin McKay welcomed 34 members and our speaker guest Paul Stickler.

Apologies for Absence: Sue Buchanan, Martin Oborne Tony Claysby.

  1. Minutes of 2016 AGM – Copies were available for members to read.   The Minutes were adopted as a correct record. Proposed by Erica Biggs, Seconded by Christine Cummins and approved by the meeting.     There were no matters arising.
  2. Chairman’s Annual Review.  The Chairman said

My year commenced in January following the retirement of Martin Oborne in November of 2016.

In January the Group hosted the Area AGM. A big thankyou to those of my fellow Committee Members who helped in the organisation of the event to ensure it went smoothly and to Martin who stood in for me.

In February we held our first Sunday Social event at Arundel Cricket Ground. This was a great opportunity for the Membership to put forward their views and ideas for the Group as a whole Despite the offer of a free lunch it was perhaps a pity that there was not a greater turn out.

In May we once again played host to The London Blind Ramblers. My thanks to all who helped on the day and those in particular who lead our blind friends. We enjoyed a lovely sunny day for the 8 mile walk. I subsequently received an e mail from Val Clarke at LBR expressing her thanks and appreciation for all we did for their group on the day. Another walk has been arranged for 2018.

On the walking front we had a full summer programme of 56 walks taken for the most part in very good weather in particular in May and June.

The winter programme is now in full swing containing some 48 walks My grateful thanks to all those walk leaders who entered walks in the programme. We still very much need new walk leaders to come forward and give it a go. Although the group numbers in excess of 350 only about 40 are active regular walkers. Our leaders therefore can only come from a relatively small number of people. If you are interested in leading I would encourage you contact any Committee member.

Socially we had a most enjoyable Xmas Lunch at the Arun View attended by 40 of us. The outing to Hampton Court Palace and the walking holiday to Exmoor were also well received.

Finally may I thank my fellow committee members and walk leaders for all the work they have put in this year.

As you will know the group was in real danger of closure earlier this year owing to the lack of a new treasurer.It is with much relief and appreciation that I am able to announce that Nigel Parris has agreed to step into this role I would also here like to express my thanks to those other individuals who came forward in our hour of need.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

A summary of the accounts and financial statement was circulated with the Agenda.   The Treasurer explained that donations were all monies from Ramblers Worldwide Holidays.   For the Social Fund the balance has been reduced to £250.

There were no queries regarding the Accounts and it was proposed by Juliet Lockwood and seconded by Maureen Antali that the Accounts be accepted.   Agreed unanimously by the meeting.

  1. Election of Committee:

5 members of the committee have offered themselves for re-election:–

Chairman -                                        Michael McKay

Secretary-                                         Caroline Elvy

Walks Organiser-                               Colin Luxford

Membership Secretary-                       Sue Buchanan

Social Secretary-                               Christine Cummins

It was proposed by Nigel Paris and seconded by Muriel Vickers and unanimously agreed by the meeting, that they all be re-elected.

The nomination of Nigel Paris as Treasurer was proposed by Mike Charman and seconded by Monica Collingham . Approved unanimously by the meeting.

Nominations were verbally received for two further rolls : Publicity Secretary Neil Clark and Website Controller – Penny Cronin.   Neil and Penny were proposed by Mike Charman and seconded by Caroline Elvy and both unanimously elected.

Following the change of Group Treasurer it was resolved that a new mandate to operate the Group’s Unity Trust Account would be prepared and would include Martin McKay (Chairman), Caroline Elvy (Secretary), Sue Buchanan (Membership Secretary) and Nigel Paris (Treasurer) as signatories and that the Group’s main account and social fund account would be operated under the terms of the mandate.

Proposed by Mike Charman and seconded by Jocelyn Clasby and agreed by the meeting that the Mandate would be completed asap.

Any Other Business:


The Chairman thanked Mike Charman on behalf of the Group for his 14 years service both as Chairman and from 2009 Treasurer and presented a gift on the Group’s behalf.   Mike Charman thanked everyone and Nigel Paris for taking over as Treasurer.

Judith Taylor, Area Footpath Secretary was unable to attend the meeting so Mike Charman gave a resume of Area Activity and also advised that the Chairman and Treasurer posts at Area had been filled.

After the meeting Paul Stickler, ex CID, gave a fascinating talk about The Green Bicycle Murder which took place c 1920.

The meeting closed at 16.15.

Monday, December 10, 2018