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Rights of Way Information and Reporting Problems

Footpath Numbers

West Sussex County Council (WSCC) have an online interactive map giving details of public rights of way (PRoW) numbers and status. PRoWs can be found by parish, town, village etc. The map can be found by clicking on this link.

Problems found on PRoWs can be reported to WSCC via this interactive map and an online form can be completed which takes about 10 minutes.

East Sussex County Council also have an online interactive map which provides less detail than that of the WSCC and can be found via this link.


Footpath Problems

Another way to report faults on West Sussex Public Rights of Way (PRoW) is on West Sussex County Council website using this link which takes you directly to the form mentioned above.

East Sussex County Council have a different system that requires an email to the Rights of Way team, to start the process click here.


Temporary and Permanent PROW closures

Details of PROW closures can also be found on the WSCC website by clicking on the following link

and on the ESCC website by following this link.


Permissive Paths

Natural England has an interactive map of Permissive Paths - click here to goto the website



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